well-shod cliff carroll
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It's about how you work...
Attitude - Satisfaction - Pride

The PF-200 Pro-Forge reflects just that and delivers what today's farrier wants in a fire. Clean, fast heat that's easy to weld in.

Pro-Forge took for granted that you wanted high heat without sacrificing fuel efficiency. You needed bar stock ports, cast iron doors that don't warp and a hassle free ignition system. Now you've got it.

Life should be as simple as possible, so we've added innovative new feature like Twin Instachange Jets that realign instantly after cleaning and hearth plates you can change right through the front door. Even our ceramic fiber liner is unique. Its round design and state-of-the-art manufacturing process ensure that it stays intact. Even over those bumpy roads.

Think about how you work. Pro-Forge did. And came up with a whole new way for you to get iron hot. Fast.