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Anvil Stump


It's your elbow. If you're only planning on shoeing for just a week or two -- don't worry about it. If being a farrier is your career and a few hundred horses are depending on you for their podiatry comfort, that elbow's got to last a long time!

There's never been anything to equal the ANVIL STUMP! Travel friendly and easy on the arm, nothing takes the vibration out yet retains as lively an anvil. The Anvil Stump's lightweight, adjustable aluminum legs make packing up and moving to the next stable a breeze. As for keeping your anvil where it needs to be, you don't have to bolt it, chain it or use hydraulic clamps. Just drop your anvil between the four aluminum anvil lugs and beat hot iron to your heart's content. Your elbow will thank you in the morning!

It's easy to see why the Anvil Stump is the natural choice of today's professional farrier!